Centenary of Holy Cross

There are opportunities to see the Holy Cross Centenary PowerPoint Presentation after Mass on Saturday 20th and Sunday 28th April 2024. Refreshments will be served at each event. Copies will not be made available so if you would like to see a celebration of the life of our Parish over many years, try to be here. Many thanks to Michael Parle for producing this for us with help from the Holy Cross PPC.


“On behalf of the PPC and Parish I would like to thank all those who joined us, both in person and in spirit, to celebrate the Centenary of Holy Cross.

Since 1923 we have been blessed with a Catholic church here in Yelverton thanks to the generous help of Lord and Lady Seaton of Buckland Abbey. Before this, the few Catholics in the area, had to travel to Tavistock or Buckland Abbey for services – easy today but quite a challenge in the early 1900’s. Both the church and the community have expanded over the last 100 years to what is now, this beautiful place of worship filled with faith-centred, kind-hearted and generous parishioners who make up the One Family of Holy Cross.

Our history whilst brief in comparison with many other churches, is filled with stories of love, hope, challenges and change, and our walls bear the marks of fond memories of all who have been here.16 parish priests, many visiting priests, bishops, family and friends, numerous weddings, baptisms, Holy Communions, confirmations and funerals – our family has shared so many occasions, both happy and sometimes sad, as we bade our final farewells to our loved parishioners.

We are blessed to have Father Cyriacus steering us into our next 100 years and we know that at its heart, it the Lord that guides us with His presence here in our church and in our lives, always.

I want to say a huge thank you to the Centenary committee and to all those who worked so hard to make this event so wonderful – from the beautiful Mass, the commemorative plaque, the wall hanging and the updated A Cruce Salus to all the hard work organising, planning, fund raising, administration, cleaning, catering, decorations, entertainment, weather crisis re-arranging, great hospitality and the big clear up at the end. A real example of One Family at work.” Francine Brooks – Chair of PPC


Centenary Celebrations May Bulletin

An update on preparations for our Centenary Celebrations: Holy Cross Centenary Bulletin May 2023

Centenary Celebrations Launched

Given weekend of 7th/8th January 2023

Have you ever noticed the two commemorative plaques on the back wall of our church? The granite one on the right marks the dedication of Holy Cross by Bishop Christopher in 1994. However, there is a brass one on the left which is in memory of Lord & Lady Seaton who enabled the building of this church which opened on Easter Sunday 1923.

So 2023 sees us enter our centenary year! This is an achievement for the parish and all who have attended it throughout the intervening years, whether as clergy or laity.

The Parish Pastoral Council agreed last year that we should certainly celebrate our special anniversary and set up a subcommittee to work on ideas. Discussions and plans have been under way for months now as to how we can mark the year in various ways, including socially, physically and of course, spiritually. Many ideas have been floated and are either in the pipeline or are up for further discussion depending on you and your thoughts.

The one certainty is that we will hold a celebratory Centenary weekend on the 16th-17th September for the Feast of the Holy Cross.

Each of you has a part to play:

  • It could be by supporting what is happening.
  • It might be by providing photos taken at Holy Cross or memorabilia from across the years, including memories.
  • It could be by getting more involved in fundraising, organizing an event or contributing in some other way.

As you leave the church today you will be given the first monthly bulletin which shows what we are trying to do and why we need your help. Inside there is a form which sets out ideas but also includes space for you to add suggestions of your own. Although a small sub committee has been working on the outline plans it very much depends on how much support and enthusiasm you are prepared to give too. We definitely need YOU and YOUR help. There will be a box at the back of the church for your completed forms.

There will be a special noticeboard with a countdown calendar and posters. There will also be regular updates in both the newsletter and monthly bulletins.

One of our first social & fundraising events will be held at St Paul’s Hall, Yelverton, when Bernard Mills, one of our parishioners, will be giving another of his highly informative and entertaining talks about specific railways, near and far. Tickets will be on sale after Masses as soon as we have set a date and further details will be in the newsletter.

If you haven’t attended one of these talks before you should come, I am sure you will be surprised at how interesting they are. Bernard is specifically offering his time and knowledge to raise money for Holy Cross.

Please don’t forget to collect your Centenary bulletin as you leave church today.

Thank you.

Centenary Celebrations Planning Begins

Read the Centenary Celebrations Bulletin Launch Edition: Holy Cross Centenary bulletin January 2023