The Martha Group

The Martha Group was set up many years ago as a successor to the Holy Cross branch of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL). Its primary purposes are:

  • discussion of matters of interest to Catholics locally, nationally and internationally
  • prayer
  • fund raising for nominated charities
  • providing hospitality for parish events
  • participation in ecumenical activities in the Yelverton area including Women’s World Day of Prayer.
  • responding from time to time to other requests for assistance from the Parish Priest and/or the Parish Pastoral Council

The Martha Group has an enviable reputation for dealing with an often serious agenda in a spirit of good fun, companionship, and shared purpose. Their charitable interests cross continents and their discussions are often spirited and engaging. The Group’s commitment to organising refreshments for a range of parish and ecumenical events is often referred to as one of Holy Cross’s key assets.

The Martha Group usually meets in the Church Hall on the first Tuesday of the month after the 10am Mass, except in August and January.

Further details may be obtained from Ann Dawes (Chair) or Mary Pike (Secretary).